I am a PhD candidate at the University of South Florida and work under Chuck Connor and Tim Dixon. My research interests are quite varied and focus mostly on volcanology and tectonics.


Our group uses an array of computational tools to simulate volcanic hazards - my work within this group focuses on modelling lava flow hazards on the eastern Snake River Plain and quantifying the threat eruptive activity poses to a nuclear facility. I am also in the process of exploring lava flow channel erosion on the flanks of Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua. This work is part of a greater international response to the eruption and involved operating as part of a diverse team of seismologists, geodesists, geologists, and geochemists.


My interests in tectonics involve exploring the stress evolution in the American West. I am part of an interdisciplinary team working to obtain a new geological slip rate estimate for the Calico fault on the eastern California shear zone. I am also interested in learning more about the tectonic setting of the eastern Snake River Plain and its impact on the volcanism of the area.